Attic Conversions Brisbane

Specialising in Attic and Loft conversions in Brisbane, Loft Conversions Australia prides itself on helping home owners to increase space in existing homes and increasing resale value of properties.

Older houses with a more generous roof pitch, such as Victorian terraces and older Edwardian and Federation-style homes are generally the most suitable for roof conversions, however there are exceptions to this rule. Typically, modern trussed roofs are much more tricky to convert, but not entirely impossible.

Services we offer:

  • Attic Conversion
  • Loft Conversion
  • Attic and Loft Stairs
  • Attic and Loft Ladders
  • Roof Repairs

If you are interested in an attic conversion in Brisbane, you have come to the right place. We work with the best loft conversion companies Brisbane wide to provide quality service, every time.

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Why Have A Loft Conversion in Brisbane?

Attic and loft conversions are a popular way for home owners to maximise space availability and increase the value of a property, be it your home or an investment property.

The most popular reasons to convert an existing roof area are:

  • Increase value of property
  • Increased storage space
  • Adds another room which can be rented for extra income
  • Create a hobby area, man cave or extra entertainment area

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If you are serious about converting your roof, there are several considerations to cover before you commit to anything. Items to consider are:

  • Ensure correct load-bearing capacity (one of our contractors will need to assess this)
  • Insulation
  • Access via staircase/ladder
  • Natural light via skylights and/or dormer windows (See below)
  • Appropriate ventilation available
  • Appropriate load-bearing and insulted flooring
  • Electrical requirements for lighting and power points
  • Plumbing requirements should you want a bathroom or kitchenette installed

Dormer Windows Brisbane Wide

Another facet of roof conversions is Dormer windows. Dormer windows are an integral part of any attic or loft conversion, as they add to the available space whilst at the same time provide much needed light into the new space. It may also help you to discover a million-dollar view that you’re missing out on. There are a few different types of dormer windows: a typical dormer window which adds a source of ventilation and light to the top floor, and a blind dormer (also known as a false dormer) which is only visible from the outside and does not provide any extra space or light.

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Attic Ladders and Stairs

There are pros and cons to both loft ladders and attic stairs.

Pros and cons of Attic Ladders:

  • Minimal installation costs compared to stairs
  • Can be retractable, freeing up space below the loft
  • Harder for elderly, disabled or injured persons to access the loft

Pros and cons of Attic Stairs:

  • The most expensive option for accessing the attic / loft
  • Far more stable and secure, can include side rails for added stability
  • Easier access for elderly, disabled or injured persons
  • Takes up room below the loft
  • Can be styled to suit the character of the home

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