Attic Conversions Canberra

There are many benefits to converting your existing roof space. Generally older styled homes are more suited to attic conversions as they typically have a higher pitched roof, however, for newer houses that do not have the sufficient amount of roof space required, a roof extension can also provide the space required for an attic or loft.

Here at Loft Conversions Australia, we are passionate about providing expert services in all things related to attic conversion Canberra wide. We work with some of the best loft conversion companies Canberra has to offer, where we pass along your information to the correct business to suit your individual requirements and location in Canberra.

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Benefits of Loft Conversions in Canberra

  • Extra storage space
  • Extra bedroom, which can be rented for extra income or house guests
  • Creates a perfect hobby room / man cave / office/ home theatre set-up
  • Addition of a balcony means better views of the surrounding area
  • Better ventilation of the house

Attic Conversions: What To Consider

Unless you’re an expert handyman / DIYer, we recommend not to take on an attic conversion without specialist help. We strongly advise not to touch any electrical’s or existing plumbing without having one of our friendly representatives come out and offer advice.

If you are thinking about doing a loft conversion, whether it is a DIY job or hiring a professional builder, you need to consider the following before getting started.

  • Load bearing capacity
  • Correct selection of flooring installation and support
  • Natural light – Dormer window (see below), skylight and window placement
  • Electrics – including power points and overhead lighting installations
  • Appropriate ventilation set-up
  • Insulation
  • Plumbing – if applicable
  • Council approval – if applicable
  • Entry to the area via stairs or ladder

Don’t risk getting it wrong with DIY, contact us today and one of our friendly roof conversion specialists in Perth will contact you to discuss your requirements and to arrange a call out.

Attic Stairs vs Attic Ladders

This is ultimately one of the most important decisions when thinking about roof conversion in Canberra. You can get a basic pull-down attic ladder installed for roughly $1000, but of course this will vary depending on the size and type of ladder. Loft stairs are always more expensive, we estimate anywhere between $3000 and $5000 depending on the timber used, the access required and finishing / detailing.

Attic Stairs are much better for the elderly, disabled or injured as they offer far more safety and support, whereas loft ladders are great for kids, but not so good when dealing with elderly and injured etc. It all comes down to your own individual requirements and situation.

For all attic stairs and attic ladders support in Canberra, contact us via the “Easy Quote” form and one of our specialists will give you a call to discuss the options available to you.

Canberra Based Dormer Window Specialists

Whether you are interested in a dormer window, skylight, window or loft balcony, it always pays to have a professional complete the job to avoid costly mistakes that are common with DIY projects. For expert advice and installation of all dormer windows Canberra wide, contact Loft Conversions Australia today and we’ll see you right.

Attic Conversion Cost Canberra

Almost every home will need the roof to be re-engineered for creation of a full livable room. This is quite possible and an extension vertically is often more attractive than a horizontal one as it leaves you your yard for your lifestyle.

However, almost every house is suited to some storage space in the attic and this can be easily achieved in most cases. For installation of a top quality folding access stairway allow $ 1300 – $1700 depending on the situation and the ceiling height. Some flooring can be installed in the Attic Space to make storage easier (starting around $700 for an average area).

A skylight to your attic space can add natural light for you for around $800 (we can also install one with a shaft and diffuser into one of your below attic rooms for only $200 – $300 more). Roof Windows are also available in many sizes and options including Open-able Windows for better ventilation of your attic space (allow $1200 – $2000 typically).

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibilities for your home with its particular construction type, or if you would like an obligation free Site Consultation, we will come to advise you for just $97. We can discuss a wide range of options for Storage Solutions for your home while we are there.

The costs associated with attic and loft conversions, installation of dormer windows and ladders and stairs varies depending on the complexity of the job, as well as your individual requirements. Above we gave some pricing indications for ladders and stairs, however to get a better understanding of the pricing for your project, contact the team today via the form on the right. We will make sure the right person for the job contacts you, so you can get the job done right, first time around without any headaches.