Attic Conversions Melbourne

The team here at Loft Conversions Australia pride ourselves on providing great Melbourne attic conversion, dormer window, loft stair and ladder information. We have partnered up with some professional and experienced attic conversion contractors in Melbourne that will not only do a great job that will comply to all rules and regulations but will ensure that the final product is exactly what you are after.

If you would like to discuss what attic conversion options you have for your Melbourne home simply complete the “Easy Quote” form to the right and one of our Melbourne partners will be in contact to help you out with your inquiry.

Loft/Attic Conversion Melbourne

Many houses have up to 30% of their total floor area unused just above your head. With an attic conversion Melbourne you could transform this unused space into one of many different types of rooms increasing both the livable area in your home and its resale value. Depending on your Melbourne loft conversion budget you could turn your attic space into any of the following rooms:

  • Storage room
  • Bedroom
  • Lounge room
  • Hobby room
  • or anything else you can think of

What is involved in an Attic Conversion Melbourne

Unless you are a builder or an expert DIYer then taking on an attic roof conversion will be a very difficult job, we recommend leaving it to the professionals like one of our partner loft conversion companies Melbourne. These are some of the things one must consider when thinking about a Melbourne loft conversion.

  • Load bearing capacity which must be done by a structural engineer
  • Insulation
  • Skylights or windows for natural light
  • Staircase or ladder
  • Ventilation
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing for a bathroom or kitchen
  • Electricals for lights and power points

Attic Ladders/Stairs Melbourne

How are you going to access the additional space that you get from an attic conversion? This can be a complex question to answer, these are a few things you will need to consider when choosing between an attic ladder or stairs.

  • How much space you have above the access point – you need at least 2 metres height at the top of the entry point
  • Space below – stairs take up much more space compared to a ladder
  • Functionality – Are you using the space as a habitable area? Stairs would be better. Ladders are more common for storage areas
  • Ability of people who are using it – ladders are much harder to climb than stairs

To get the ball rolling on your loft conversion with either a ladder or stairs contact us through the “Easy Quote” form.

Dormer Windows Melbourne

If you are planning an attic conversion Melbourne and want to convert it into habitable space then natural light is one of the things you will need to consider. The options for letting natural light in are dormer windows, skylights, windows or a combination. Dormer windows offer you a bit more space and have a great external appearance.

If you are considering dormer windows for your Melbourne loft conversion please fill out the adjacent form and one of our friendly partners will be in contact to help you out with your attic conversion and more.

Prices for Melbourne Loft Conversions

Melbourne attic conversions, loft ladders & stairs and dormer windows come in all shapes and sizes. Habitable space attic conversions are going to cost much more than simply converting the space into a storage area. To get an accurate quote for your individual needs simply complete the contact form to the right with all the relevant information and one of our experienced Melbourne partners will be in touch to answer all your questions and get your Melbourne attic conversion started.