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Benefits of Perth Loft Conversions

There are many reasons why an attic and roof conversion in Perth can benefit you.

  • Makes the value of your house increase
  • Suitable for an extra bed room which can be rented for additional income or to house an extra addition to the family.
  • Makes a perfect hobby room, man cave or storage area
  • Has the ability to provide a higher view of the surrounding area, which can prove profitable when selling the property.

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Dormer Window Installation Perth

Dormer windows are an essential part of roof conversions in Perth. They are fantastic for adding more natural light to the converted room, as well as providing much needed ventilation to a loft. Similar installation techniques include skylights, roof windows, sun tunnels and even roof balconies.

For all questions and enquiries relating to dormer windows Perth wide, contact us via the “easy Quote” form and one of our roofing specialists will contact you to discuss your individual requirements and to arrange a site visit.

Attic Ladders and Stairs

For those of you in Perth who are interested in attic or loft stairs, be sure to keep in mind both the pros and cons before you commit to anything. We usually get quite a few frequently asked questions, so we have listed the pros and cons of both stairs and ladders so you can make the most informed decision when deciding which way to go.

Pros and cons of attic stairs

  • Easier access for the elderly, disabled and injured
  • Solid structure with added safety handrails
  • Permanent installation
  • Can be painted and styled to suit the character of the house
  • Most costly to install in comparison to loft ladders
  • Requires more room on the lower floor, as well as suitable head space for entry

Pros and cons of attic ladders

  • Harder to access for elderly, injured and disabled
  • Semi permanent structure, can be retracted
  • Takes up far less room on the lower floor, and doesn’t require as much head space
  • Cheaper to install than than attic stairs
  • Can be painted to suit the character of the house and surroundings

For all questions and enquiries relating to attic ladders and stairs, contact the friendly team at Loft Conversions Australia via the form on the right, and we will make sure the right contractor for the job contacts you to discuss your requirements and to arrange a call out to assess your current situation.

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